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Documentation for stanza numbers /Sietse

From: Sietse Brouwer
Subject: Documentation for stanza numbers /Sietse
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 15:26:02 +0100

Dear developers,

One of my suggestions involves some shuffling around of parts, so I'll
first define into which parts I divide section 7.3.9.
Section 7.3.9 currently contains 4 topics:
(1) adding stanza numbers
   from "Stanza numbers can be added" to "start of first syllable."
(2) printing stanzas at the end
   from "Sometimes it is appropriate" to a snippet of Mary had a Little Lamb
(3) adding singer names
   from "Names of singers can" to a snippet where Ernie sings "je t'aime"
(4) printing stanzas at the end in side-to-side columns
   from "When a piece of music" to a snippet ending in "This is verse
five. It has two lines"

In the last line of topic one, "just before the start of first
syllable." is missing a "the". It should read "just before the start
of the first syllable."

I recommend swapping topic 2 and topic 3, since 3 and 4 are about
similar issues: about printing stanzas at the end, and about printing
stanzas at the end in columns next to each other.

[C] I also hereby submit a paragraph + code describing how to put a
dynamics marks in front of the stanza. I recommend putting it after
topic 1, as both deal with \set stanza.

I would have liked to explain why \set stanza must take place outside
\lyricmode: unfortunately, I don't know myself. All I know is that you
get the error message "Unexpected LYRIC_MARKUP". If you have an
explanation, I think it would be good to add it.

Stanzas differing in loudness are indicated by putting an appropriate
dynamics mark before each stanza. In Lilypond, everthing coming in
front of a stanza goes into the StanzaNumber object; dynamics marks
are no different. For technical reasons, you have to set the stanza
outside \lyricmode, like in the following example:

text = {
 \set stanza = \markup { \dynamic "ff" "1. " }
 \lyricmode {
   Big bang

 \new Voice = "tune" {
        \time 3/4
   g'4 c'2
 \new Lyrics \lyricsto "tune" \text


(For whoever makes the docs: this snippet compiles. Just precede it
with a \version and \layout { ragged-right = ##t }.)

[D] Finally, I would add a "Bugs" section after the "See also"
section, saying the following:

When the stanza number becomes too wide, it just writes over whatever
is to its left.

So, the new "More about stanzas" section covers five topics, in the
following order:
(1) adding stanza numbers
(2) adding dynamics marks
(3) adding singer names
(4) printing stanzas at the end
(5) printing stanzas at the end in multiple columns


Two more questions:
Firstly, do you think we should put the topics above into their own
subsections: -
Secondly: in my opinion, topic 5 (printing stanzas at the end in
multiple colums) is more of a template than it describes new
techniques. Perhaps it should be moved to the template appendix under
section D.4 "Vocal Ensembles". What do you all think?


Sietse Brouwer

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