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Re: Documentation for stanza numbers /Sietse

From: Sietse Brouwer
Subject: Re: Documentation for stanza numbers /Sietse
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 00:57:47 +0100


Thanks, Graham, for making all those changes.

On 21/01/07, Graham Percival <address@hidden> wrote:
Basically, if a bug is in the tracker, it doesn't go in the docs.  If a
bug in the tracker is too big to handle (i.e. long-term design issues),
then we remove it from the tracker and add it to the docs.


> Secondly: in my opinion, topic 5 (printing stanzas at the end in
> multiple colums) is more of a template than it describes new
> techniques. Perhaps it should be moved to the template appendix under
> section D.4 "Vocal Ensembles". What do you all think?

I think the example in topic 5 should be changed a little before making
it a template, but it would probably only take you five minutes.

I've had another look at it, and I agree: it needs to be expanded
until it's a ready-to-use template. You'll see the new version appear
on this list when I've made it. (If I don't forget.)

Another question: where (if at all) can I find the latest version of
the manual, i.e. one which incorporates the changes you just made?



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