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Re: Old versions support

From: Sebastien Morin
Subject: Re: Old versions support
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 10:27:36 +0400
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Carl D. Sorensen wrote:

> I looked up the headers at mutopia, and it said the piece was set
> with LilyPond 1.3.94 (which may be a problem because of the 
> development, not stable, release). 
> I put a proper version string in the file, and ran  I
> got this output:

So did I.

> Not smart enough to convert new \textscript markup text

I have the same error message.

Yet, the conversion seems to be completed with no further error.
Then I compile the converted file and I get : Erreur: syntax error, unexpected RESTNAME,
expecting DRUM_PITCH or NOTENAME_PITCH or '>'
                 s "Lent et triste" "Large" R2.>2.^\textscript | R2. | Erreur: syntax error, unexpected '>'
                <s "Lent et triste" "Large" R2.
                                               >2.^\textscript | R2. | Erreur: chaîne d'échappement inconnue: «
\textscript »
                <s "Lent et triste" "Large" R2.>2.^
                                                   \textscript | R2. |
Erreur: errors found, ignoring music expression 0: AVERTISSEMENT: old relative compatibility not used
Erreur: failed files: ""

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