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Re: Old versions support

From: Sebastien Morin
Subject: Re: Old versions support
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 10:47:36 +0400
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Sebastien Morin wrote:

>> Not smart enough to convert new \textscript markup text
> I have the same error message.

That's why I also tried to remove this \textscript command and the
text following it.
The conversion then works without any error message. But when I
compile the converted .ly file I still have an error message:

$ lilypond
GNU LilyPond 2.6.5
Processing `'
Analyse... Erreur: syntax error, unexpected RESTNAME,
expecting DRUM_PITCH or NOTENAME_PITCH or '>'
                 s R2.>2. | R2. | Erreur: syntax error, unexpected '>'
                <s R2.
                      >2. | R2. |
Erreur: errors found, ignoring music expression 0: AVERTISSEMENT: old relative compatibility not used
Erreur: failed files: ""

Well, that's everything I can say about this problem. As you can see,
it is not just a matter of adding a \version "1.3.94" line at the
beginning of the mutopia file... unfortunately.

Thanks for your help.

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