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Re: lsr infrastructure

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: lsr infrastructure
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 13:20:30 -0800
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Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
- I think my mind is getting a bit feeble, but why did we want to have
this automatic LSR import?

- We want to increase the visibility of LSR
  - we want people to see the snippets in it
- we want people (especially on -user after receiving help) to post snippets to LSR

- We want to reduce the number of places people need to look for docs.
Therefore, we want LSR snippets easily findable from the main doc page.

  - there are too many LSR snippets to have in one huge list
  - some LSR snippets aren't useful / we want some quality control
Therefore we want to categorize LSR snippets and include a subset of them in the lilypond docs.

- I don't want to search through LSR for good material and manually copy and paste them into files in an input/lsr/category/ .

So we have the following:
- LSR creates a nightly dump of the snippets, split into directories based on their categories. - only authorized people (currently Sebastino and me) can categorize snippets. I think that once a snippet is categorized, it can only be modified by authorized people.

- new snippets are placed in a "simple" category (probably will be renamed); the automatic update script ignores that category.

- how is this automatic import supposed to work?  Note that we definitely don't
want to do this automated in any way, since we build the website/docs without 
switched on.

Good point. By "automatic", I always meant "whenever I feel like it, I download LSR, then run a script to copy the categorize I want into input/lsr/ , then check the diff files to make sure I want to update the repository."

LSR is built with --safe, and new snippets are only accepted if they compile, so in theory this won't be a problem. However, I'll add a check in the update script to make sure that there's no scheme in any snippets other than snippets in the "scheme" category. I'll check those files manually to make sure they're good.

- can you have a look at our coding style for python scripts? in particular, the placement of spaces around punctuation

   foo = bar (x)

rather than

   foo=bar( x )
also, we frown on commented out debugging stuff.

Sorry, I'm new to python. I painstakingly wrote that script, searching through the tutorial for almost every line. I think I have it fixed now; I'll commit it once I've tested it.

- Graham

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