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LSR integration example

From: Graham Percival
Subject: LSR integration example
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 10:18:25 -0800
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Hi all,

You may have seen some emails about "LSR integration" without really knowing what was going on. We finally have a working example! See

In the near future, these pages will be reachable from the main doc page. Instead of seeing the long "tricks and tips" page, they can select the type of snippets they want -- introductory scheme? Advanced positioning commands? Simple but effective ways of creating new dynamics? Really advanced scheme?

However, we're not at this stage yet. As you see in the above links, there are very few snippets officially categorized. In fact, even those few snippets will be de-categorized; I just picked random stuff so that we have something to display.

What needs to be done?
- The possible categories need to be chosen. That's something for me and/or the LSR maintainer to choose, with input from anybody who wants to give it.

- Every snippet in LSR (approximately 150 snippets) needs to be examined. Does it still do what it claims to do? Is it still worth having this snippet? Should it be in a category, and therefore displayed on the lilypond website?

- Current snippets on the lilypond website needs to be examined in the same way, but this comes after dealing with stuff already in LSR.

How can you help?
- the biggest task is editing lilypond files. We all know how to do this -- maybe you don't feel comfortable playing with the advanced scheme tricks, but there's plenty of other examples you can fix, clarify, or improve!

- If you're interested, send an email to this list and make an account on LSR. Make a test snippet or two on LSR to make sure you know how to use it.

- On LSR, you can pick a category for a snippet. This snippet will go into an automatic "approval" queue that one of the editors (currently me and Sebastino) will approve (or not). When a snippet is approved, it is locked and can only be edited by editors. These `locked' snippets will then appear on the LilyPond website for users to browse at their leisure. (you can always browse LSR directly, but many users don't realize that it's there -- a major part of this plan is to increase the visibility)

We're seeking a LSR maintainer and as many LSR contributors as possible. The more people we have, the easier our task will be!

I'm currently only sending this to lilypond-devel -- for the first week or two I'd rather just have skilled users who read this list. Once the initial problems have been ironed out, I'll send an announcement to the lilypond-user list. I'd like to have 20-30 snippets processed and a fairly stable idea of the categories before inviting an avalanch of users. :)

- Graham

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