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Re: GIT pull error

From: Daniel Tonda Castillo
Subject: Re: GIT pull error
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 22:54:25 -0600
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It now works properly with the command:

git pull git:// web/master:web/master

Daniel Tonda C.

Karl Hammar wrote:
Sorry. Now I actually checked: the url is

(Note that not only "http://"; is new, but also "/r/").

Ok, so I update this file:

$ grep URL .git/remotes/origin URL:

in my local copy,

$ git-pull Fetching refs/heads/master from using http
 got 6ba19b9f48c1ce10adb30a69557ce38b8a073785
 walk 6ba19b9f48c1ce10adb30a69557ce38b8a073785

and things works again.


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