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Re: proofreading tutorial

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: proofreading tutorial
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 21:01:24 -0800
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Mats Bengtsson wrote:
- The cut-&-pastable-section of the first example contains lots
 of lines that are just confusing and should never be included
 in a stand-alone .ly file. Maybe it's better to not use the fragment
 option of lilypond-book and recommend the reader to only
 cut the lines after "ly snippet follows" (or whatever it says
 when you don't use the fragment option).

Ah, oops.  I made a special policy of
Tutorial guidelines:
- unless you have a really good reason, use either
    @l ilypond[quote,ragged-right,verbatim]
    @l ilypond[quote,ragged-right,verbatim,fragment,relative=2]
  (without spaces)
  Don't use any other relative=X commands (make it a non-fragment
  example), and don't use fragment without relative=2.

but I forgot to fix the very first example.  I've fixed that now.

- There's a new paragraph before "to the end of the file".

- In "2.1.1 Compiling a file", there's a typo in "should be also be".

Thanks, fixed.

- The instructions for Windows need some polishing. Basically,
 you could more or less the same as on Mac, namely double-click
 the LilyPond icon on the desktop to start a simple text editor.
 I can come back with more details when I have a Windows box
 in front of me.

Thanks, I don't have access.

- In "2.1.1 Compiling a file", footnote 3: "have any tools" -> "have any such tools".


- Graham

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