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Re: proofreading tutorial

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: proofreading tutorial
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 03:32:43 -0800
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Alard de Boer wrote:
The tutorial is great! Some minor comments:

2.1.1 second footnote: These easiest -> The easiest

2.1.1 Section MacOS X, 2nd par: lilypond -> LilyPond (all other uses
except the Unix command line have the two capital letters)

2.3.1 3rd paragraph: means that are -> means that they are

2.3.1 4th par: same time simple -> same time simply

2.3.1 5th par: maybe add "Also note that each note is relative to the
previous one in the input, and not relative to the c'' in the \relative

2.3.1 6th par: exression -> expression

2.3.5 2nd par: angled -> angle

2.4.1 the lyrics are longer than the music, so there are no notes for
"free" in the 2nd example or "free __" in the 3rd

> 2.5.4 2nd par: Identifiers -> With identifiers
> 2.5.4 4th par: should have -> must have (or are non-alphabetic
> characters allowed?)

Thanks, all updated.

2.4.2 the last example contains a comment for yourself (-gp); also you
use \relative without a pitch here for the first time, which should be
explained (or changed to use a pitch)

Whoops, I should have added a "FIXME"... I didn't find this comment when I was clearing up the FIXMEs.

The whole section 2.4.2 is the only one I didn't change. At the top of the source for this section, I saw this:

@c TODO: revise this, \chords { } is shorter and more intuitive.

but I'm not certain what it means. (I know even less about chords than I do about vocal music!)

Does anybody want to rewrite 2.4.2 (or simply vouch for the current correctness) ? AFAIK, the current 2.4.2 was written back in the 1.2 or 1.4 days. Now, this info presented might still be correct, or it may be out of date and confusing. I just need somebody who uses chords who can look at this section and let me know.

- Graham

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