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Re: LSR categories

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: LSR categories
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 03:58:20 -0800
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One general note about these categories:

The LSR is still perfectly usable on its own. You can search for words (ie "articulation" or "scheme" or "lyrics"). If you _want_, you could filter the search by these categories... but the main point of the categories is for the semi-automatic import into the GIT repo.

Perhaps I should have called them "directories" instead of "categories"... the only affect these categories have on the snippets is that it change what directory/collection they appear in. ie

In some ways, the whole reason that I'm importing a subset of LSR snippets into input/lsr/ is just to increase the visibility of LSR. In the end, we might decide to only display 10% of the LSR snippets on the website. I'd also like to get rid of input/*.ly and input/test/*.ly... but the main point is to direct users towards LSR, where they can do virtually any kind of searching they desire.

If you want to do a particular kind of searching that LSR does not currently support, it's quite possible that Sebatino will add that capability for you. I can't speak for his future availability -- we all go through periods of being busier or having more time -- but I've been completely blown away by how helpful (and fast!) he's been for the past few weeks.

- Graham

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