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Double hyphens in lyrics

From: Alberto Sala
Subject: Double hyphens in lyrics
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 19:30:50 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi everyone!
In the following fragment of music, Lilypond prints a double hyphen on the last
note of the slur.

 \version "2.10.0"
MusicaUno = \relative c'' {
        e8. e16 e4 d8. d16 d8 d
        d4( c) b b
Parole = \lyricmode {
        Ky -- ri -- e, Ky -- ri -- e e --
        lei -- son, e
\score {
        \new Voice = musicone { \MusicaUno }
        \new Lyrics \lyricsto musicone \Parole
\layout { }

It's a strange behaviour, in fact it happens with last note of slur being "c"
"f" or "g" but not with "e" "a" or "b".
Thank you for your reply.


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