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Re: Controlling vertical spacing exactly - mini HOWTO

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: Controlling vertical spacing exactly - mini HOWTO
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 22:58:38 -0600

On 1/30/07, Daniel Johnson <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Graham & Max (and everyone),
> I've been reading through chapter 11 on vertical spacing and getting
> some vertical spacing examples ready for the manual.
> And on reflection I think I've now figured out why it's been tricky
> for me to get a good conceptual handle on vertical spacing. So I'd
> like to bounce two ideas off of you guys and see if the way that I'm
> thinking about the problem makes sense.
> 1. First, it seems that there are two *different* models for
> controlling vertical spacing, which we might term "permissive" and
> "strict", respectively. The first model corresponds roughly to chapers
> 11.3.1 and 11.3.3, and concerns overrides to VerticalAxisGroup and
> settings in the paper block like
>   \override Staff.VerticalAxisGroup #'minimum-Y-extent = #'(-3 . 3)
>   \paper {
>      between-system-space = 1.5\cm
>      between-system-padding = #1
>      ragged-bottom=##f
>      ragged-last-bottom=##f
>   }


Hi Trevor,

There is a way I've found to make the VerticalAxisGroup stuff strict.  It
roughly involves the following:

\override Staff.VerticalAxisGroup #'minimum-Y-extent = ##f
\override Staff.VerticalAxisGroup #'Y-extent = #'(-3 . 3)

Hi Daniel,

Interesting. Hmm ...

So can we use the minimum-Y-extent = ##f setting to cause actual
overprinting between adjacent staves? Here's an example going the
line-break-system-details route that's triggered by there being only
three "units" offset between the two staves:


\version "2.11.14"

\layout { indent = #0 }

\new Score \with {
  \override NonMusicalPaperColumn
  #'line-break-system-details = #'((alignment-offsets . (0 -3)))
} <<
  \new Staff {
     \repeat unfold 18 { c'4 c'4 c'4 c'4 }
  \new Staff {
     \repeat unfold 18 { d'4 d'4 d'4 d'4 }

%%% END %%%

Can we reproduce this example with VerticalAxisGroup? I'm trying but
seem to be unable to get the settings right ...

I'm curious not because we'd ever want to see anything so ugly in
actual score but more to see if there's a difference in the amount of,
er, "strictness" between the minimum-Y-extent = ##f way and the
line-break-system-details way.

Trevor Bača

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