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Re: Double hyphens in lyrics

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Double hyphens in lyrics
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 13:51:15 +0100
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That's expected behaviour and standard typesetting practice. On long
melismas, LilyPond will add a number of regularly spaced hyphens
to indicate that the melisma  is still ongoing.

Apparently, the length of the melisma in your example is just at the borderline
between getting one and two hyphens. I can't explain why the spacing changes
slightly with the pitch, but that seems to be the case here. If you use
\layout { ragged-rigth = ##t }
then the melisma will be short enough to only get a single hyphen.


Alberto Sala wrote:
Hi everyone!
In the following fragment of music, Lilypond prints a double hyphen on the last
note of the slur.

 \version "2.10.0"
MusicaUno = \relative c'' {
        e8. e16 e4 d8. d16 d8 d
        d4( c) b b
Parole = \lyricmode {
        Ky -- ri -- e, Ky -- ri -- e e --
        lei -- son, e
\score {
        \new Voice = musicone { \MusicaUno }
        \new Lyrics \lyricsto musicone \Parole
\layout { }

It's a strange behaviour, in fact it happens with last note of slur being "c"
"f" or "g" but not with "e" "a" or "b".
Thank you for your reply.


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