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No more input/regression/ links in manual

From: Graham Percival
Subject: No more input/regression/ links in manual
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 17:10:58 -0800
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I'm currently removing all "see also" links to input/regression/*.ly from the docs. These files will be categorized (or "directorized"), placed in LSR, and will appear in the new "Snippets" infrastructure. The relevant doc pages in the manual will point to the appropriate directory.

Please don't add any @file{...regression...} links to the manual. If you have an example that has useful info, please place it in the
directory. (ie put copies of the example in input/regression/ and input/tolsr/ )

I'll be creating this dir soon (once I've done an initial clean-up of the 48 current examples in there). Once the initial backlog is cleared up, I'll process any new snippets ASAP. (if a developer wants to add the snippets directly to LSR, that's quite welcome; I'm just offering this in case you just want to dump your regtest there and move on to other things)

Why this complication? IMO, input/regression/ should be for developers only; it's too confusing for users to look for snippets in input/test/, LSR, input/regression/ (looking at 48 useful examples in the midst of 468 developer-only tests), etc. The fact that we have any @file{...regression...} links in the docs are a holdover from the Early Days (tm).

- Graham

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