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Re: proposal: second style for quartertone accidentals

From: Maximilian Albert
Subject: Re: proposal: second style for quartertone accidentals
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 23:03:33 +0100
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Wow, that was both very fast and very helpful. Thanks a lot, Han-Wen!

> I think it's best if all arrowheads have the same size.

That was my plan anyway. This is all still very experimental.

> Also, the brushed stem with the arrowed flat looks awkward. I'd also
> try making it straight. 

Even if that means altering the arrowed flat glyph so that it differs
from the regular one? Or do you mean only altering the arrow shaft?

I haven't tried it but I suppose the latter solution (a brushed stem
passing into a straight shaft) would look rather bad. So I suppose for a
straight arrow shaft one would also need a straight stem. This shouldn't
be a problem, though -- I'll give it a try in the next days. Although I
think that most of the current awkwardness is due to the rather long
stem combined with the large arrowhead. Anyway, further experiments will
clarify things.

> I think that they should not have variable shapes. Rather, the size should
> be small enough to be either entirely in the space (not touching any line).
> Also it, should be centered in the space or on the line, so 
> its Y position should be rounded to achieve this.

Since you have a lot of experience with these issues: I have found that
precisely centering the arrowhead between the staff lines gives an
impression of the head being too low, as if being "clamped" to the lower
line (probably because its lower half is much darker than the upper
one). Do you think this should be corrected by slightly shifting it up
and thus leaving a little extra white space beneath it? Or is it better
to retain the exact position, regardless of visual side effects?


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