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Re: es/index committish, Tutorial Translation.

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: es/index committish, Tutorial Translation.
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 23:36:11 +0100

Hi Francisco,
please keep future such traffic on the list.

Le lundi 05 février 2007 à 18:41 +0100, Francisco Vila a écrit :
> El lun, 05 de feb de 2007, a las 01:29:53 +0100, John Mandereau dijo:
> > This one doesn't work...
> So, does the other one work? You haven't said if it did.

Yes, of course, because these committishes are known by everybody who
fetches the web/master branch of

Before starting the docs translation, it would be nice from you to fix
this and update Spanish translation.  The German pages also
need an update.

> BTW In an older message, you said
> > [D. Tonda:] After the update what do you recommend that the spanish 
> > translation team
> > tackle?
> >[J.Mandereau:]The tutorial from the user manual, but you should wait
> >until I've documented documentation translation.  As I'm very busy,
> >it may take a week.  In the meantime, you could read and check
> > translation for possible typos and translation
> >improvements with Francisco, look at odd jobs proposed by Graham, or
> >prepare future docs translation by making a translation glossary of
> >music theory and engraving terms, like one of the French translators
> >Frédéric Chiasson did:
> >
> >This kind of glossary is useful to make sure you always translate a
> >technical word the same way.
> Is the documentation-translation-documentation you mentioned already done?
> Please tell me the commandline to fetch the tutorial and docs, so we can 
> start translating them. Thankyou!

There are much technical details about the tutorial and user manual
translation.  Before this, I recommend you to read parts of Texinfo and
Git documentation, not to know every technical detail, but have an
overview of what's going on.

If you want to get started right now, here's a quickstart guide.

1) Fetch the LilyPond sources like the web site sources: do this in
another directory, replace web/master with master and myweb with

2) At top of the source directory, do


or (if you want to install your self-compiled LilyPond locally):

./ --prefix=$HOME

If you want to compile LilyPond -- which is almost required to build the
docs, but is not required to do translation only -- fix all dependencies
and rerun ./configure (with the same options as for autogen).
Otherwise, go to the next step.

3) cd into Documentation and run:

make ISOLANG=es new-lang

4) add a language definition for Spanish in buildscripts/

5) Copy tutorial.itely from Documentation/user to Documentation/es/user,
put immediately the right committish in it and start translating this
file, following instructions from

I'll give further instructions for lilypond.tely and

Good luck
John Mandereau <address@hidden>
LilyPond translation meister

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