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Git topic branches for translated docs

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Git topic branches for translated docs
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 23:17:25 +0100

Hi all,

Docs translations are very technical: there is often a lot of details to
take care of before they can be released.  That's why I'd like to start
two new branches for translated docs, one for the stable series, one for
the devel series.  I will merge each branch regularly (i.e. when I make
sure 'make && make web' on upstream sources is sucessful) with
stable/2.10 and master, respectively.  When the translated docs are
ready for a release, I'll either:

- rebase the translation branch on top of the upstream branch and push
to the upstream (keeping the remote translation branch intact of


- cherry-pick commits from the translation branch to the upstream

depending whether all stuff on the translation branch is ready to be

May the translation branches be named topic/master-translation and
topic/stable-2.10-translation? or rather translation/master and

Thanks in advance for your feedbask
John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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