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General grob documentation in the program reference. Was: extra-offset i

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: General grob documentation in the program reference. Was: extra-offset instead of X/Y offset? (was Lowering a mark)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:53:41 +0100
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It's a pity that we cannot enter any general documentation for a layout object
in the program reference. We do have this possibility for each interface and
for the engravers. The request below is just one example of why this would be
useful. It shouldn't be difficult to add a property "documentation" to each
object that's used to generate the program reference, but I don't know enough about the LilyPond internals to realize how this would affect the running performance of LilyPond in terms of memory consumption (if the information would have to be copied into every single instantiation of the object, then it's clearly the wrong
approach, otherwise it might be feasible).


Graham Percival wrote:
Vivian Barty-Taylor wrote:
I would suggest putting a note on the backend pages of the Program
Reference. It seemed such a logical thing to just do \once \override
DynamicText #'padding = #4 that I didn't even check if that was
possible. (I then remembered that the last time I had tried this and
it hadn't worked I had just used #'extra-offset.) Then I noticed it
hadn't worked  and started trying to work out why. When I looked at:

Unfortunately I can't do this; the backend pages are generated automatically, and I can't see how to add such information. Could you think of anywhere in the main docs that I could add it?

- Graham

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