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Re: lilypond's layout has become worse

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: lilypond's layout has become worse
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 17:32:50 -0300

2007/3/8, Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden>:
Uh, oh, I leave it to you to play with the C++ code.  I was rather
thinking of

  (define-public EMPTY (+inf.0 -inf.0))

in lily-library.scm.  I can't imagine that we really need `inf' for
the user.

I think you can't type "inf" in Scheme.

BTW, why are `START' and `STOP' defined with `define-safe-public'?
It's not really clear to me which objects need the safe versions...

--safe works by limiting  the scope of # expressions.  If an object is
not defined as safe, it will not be visible inside # when running

> Also, the

Hmm.  The sentence looks unfinished...

yes, but I forgot what I wanted to say :-)

Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden -

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