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Re: German translation of the manual

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: German translation of the manual
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 21:49:19 +0200
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Sorry, I just see, I have to ask another time, let's now take the whole command for pulling and initiating:
in TRANSLATION you write to use:
git fetch git:// refs/heads/master:remotemaster

for the fetching. Will I have to remove here "master" with lilypond/translation oder do I leave the refs/heads also away?
You don't write anything about pulling. So far I pulled with only master:master, as I wrote. Do I now need this refs/heads... path or what does this actually mean?


John Mandereau wrote:
Le vendredi 23 mars 2007 à 19:00 +0200, Till Rettig a écrit :
John Mandereau wrote: 
Le jeudi 22 mars 2007 à 19:25 +0200, Till Rettig a écrit :

I suppose that by committing to master, you mean commmitting to your
local master branch, as you don't have push access to git. 
yes, I meant that one
 You can go
on working on master (or mymaster, or whatever your branch is called)
locally, but from now you should pull from the branch named
lilypond/translation (instead of master) on  If this is
not clear to you, tell me how are named the branches on your Git
repository, I'll tell you which exact command to use for pulling.
The last part of my pulling command is master:master. I suppose I will
just have to change it to lilypond/translation:master
Is that right?

Better change it to lilypond/translation:lilypond/translation, so you
will more easily pull master later when you need to.  Moreover,
lilypond/translation:master may not work if your 'master' is not a
parent of lilypond/translation.  Anyway,
lilypond/translation will be merged into your working branch (mymaster
or something like).

Another question concerns the translation itself: You didn't mention 
@cindex commands.
AFAICS it's mentioned in Documentation/TRANSLATION.
Ok, found that. I see, I have also translated some variables in the
lilypond-Parts, not only in the examples. I guess I should redo this
before commiting. I think for now I will concentrate on getting the
first files ready, I might then trans  
I suppose that by committing to master, you mean commmitting to your
local master branch, as you don't have push access to git. 
yes, I meant that onelate the cindex-entries sometimes later in one

This sounds good.

I upload every so often a build of lilypond/translation documentation to ; you may check
how fresh it is at
this looks good, how often will you upload it to master?

You mean merging lilypond/translation into master?  Whenever the
translation is polished, and hopefully a few days before a new release;
currently, there are some typos and/or buglets in both Spanish and
French translations.


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