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Re: Changing fret-diagram muted string symbol

From: José Luis Cruz
Subject: Re: Changing fret-diagram muted string symbol
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 18:04:36 +0100

2007/3/21, Carl Sorensen <address@hidden>:

Please take this discussion over to the devel list, so that we can have some
discussion about implementation features.

Ok, done.

It would be trivial to add a property containing the character for mute and the
character for open strings to the fret-diagram.  There is already a property
governing the font size (xo-font-mag), but Han-Wen didn't want to have it
because it polluted the namespace.

If you want to change font size, you can uncomment line 212 of fretdiagrams.scm,
and comment line 213.  Then you will have a property (xo-font-mag) that can be
used to change the size of the mute and open indicators.

I did it, but doesn't work. Gives some warnings. It can't find
"property revision for 'xo-font-mag'. Possibly a finger error?'" I
dont know if the translation is accurate. My lilypond output is in
spanish and I don't know how to tell lilypond to talk in english,
under windows.

advertencia: realizando asignación de todas maneras
advertencia: no puedo encontrar revisión de propiedad para
`xo-font-mag' (backend-type?).  posiblemente un error de dedo?

As far as changing dots into markups, that's also doable if I can get the
previous step done.  The biggest challenge I see is the interface -- at present
there is no interface to individual dots, and I don't know how to put it in.  Do
you want to have individual dots have different symbols, or would you be happy
with all the dots having the same symbol, but different from the current circle?

Ok, there are several degrees of complexity that can be achieved with
this. The actual level is either all dots white or black. The next
level is to have the possibility to change all the dots for another
symbol. That is a step to the really useful thing: that is to be able
to change individually any dot symbol. Even being able to only change
the color or the size of an individual dot would be an inmense step

That way, you can distinguish special notes, like the root.

Another thing that is basic, IMO, is the option to print the
fret-diagram landscaped. Not all the people write the chords with the
strings vertical, some of us writes them horizontal, like when you
look at the guitar while playing.

Those are the most important things that could be improved. Are you
saying that you are able to program that changes? That's good.


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