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New noteheads and other contributions (was Re: Downward pointing triangl

From: Maximilian Albert
Subject: New noteheads and other contributions (was Re: Downward pointing triangle (was Re: Sponsorhip of new note heads))
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 12:22:56 +0200
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Kevin Dalley schrieb:
> Jamie,
> I have a downward-pointing triangle now, which is the reverse of the
> do.  However, it isn't exactly what you want.  It is isosceles, though
> I don't think that it is equilateral. 

I think Trevor mentioned a while ago that (one of) the existing
triangle(s) would perfectly suit his needs if it was flipped and the
stem centered.

Some time ago I contacted Jamie and Trevor to work on the accent-shaped
notehead they had requested, which is also supposed to have a centered
stem. I think that we have come up with a good solution. There only
remained a tiny problem with the attachment of downward-pointing stems,
which I was not able to address in the meantime due to extremely heavy
workload. But I hope to sort it all out _very_ soon. Then it should be
only a matter of another day or so to provide a triangle with centered
stem, too.

FYI (a bit off-topic): I also managed to come up with a nice version
(IMHO at least :)) of arrowed quartertone accidentals, which I will also
submit as soon as I have the time to clean up the files and to resolve a
slight problem with spacing.

Finally, I believe, some people are still waiting for the new caesura
glyph. Sorry for the delay, I will also submit it soon (but to some
extent I screwed up my metafont file in an attempt to implement a
suggestion of Han-Wen's; I will have to deal with that first).


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