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Correction (Re: Translated docs release)

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Correction (Re: Translated docs release)
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 18:39:30 +0200
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El sáb, 31 de mar de 2007, a las 02:16:33 +0200, John Mandereau dijo:
> Thanks, it's perfect in exception of the v2.10 link, so here is a
> corrected version for the person who will add it to the news:
> <dt><b>Traducci&oacute;n de la documentaci&oacute;n al espa&ntilde;ol</b> - 
>     <em><!-- fill actual date here -->1 de abril de 2007</em>
> </dt>
> <dd>Se han traducido la p&aacute;gina web, el manual de aprendizaje completo
>     y la referencia de la notaci&oacute;n b&aacute;sica, y est&aacute;n
>     disponibles en l&iacute;nea en la
>     <a 
> href="../doc/v2.11/Documentation/user/lilypond/">versi&oacute;n 
> 2.11</a>).
>     Estas traducciones est&aacute;n incluidas tambi&eacute;n en los <a 
> href="install">paquetes 
>     para descargar</a>.
> </dd>

Please delete the closing, unmatched parenthesis at the end of the first link.

> It's possible to add translations to 2.10 though, in case you are ready
> to play with two branches (...) This would be a good Git exercise (...)

I'm sorry this is too much for me with my current status of knowledge.

Francisco Vila Doncel. Badajoz (Spain)

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