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Re: Ties go a bit haywire, bug in 2.11.26

From: Wilbert Berendsen
Subject: Re: Ties go a bit haywire, bug in 2.11.26
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 21:02:23 +0200
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Hi all,

I try to minimise the lilypond input to get the tie bug in 2.11.26 that I 
mentioned on the user list.[1]

With this input:

\version "2.11.26"
\paper { line-width = 7 \cm }
\score {
        \new Staff {
                <a'~ c''>1
                <c'~ a'~ c''~>
                <c' a' c'' d''>

the middle tie in the second bar is too long and sticks out at both the left 
and right ends. This gets disturbing when there are many ties and linebreaks 
(as can be seen in [1]).

I have researched a bit:

- the right chord must have a second so that a note moves to the right (remove 
the d'' and the ties are correct)
- a low note in the right chord causes thet stacking to be different (e.g. 
remove all notes c' from the chords and the ties are correct, because the 
lower notes are in different horizontal positions)
- when the music is displayed in its default spacing the tie is correct (e.g. 
remove the line-width statement)
- also: when quarter notes instead of whole notes are used the ties are 

It seems: the tie that is too long, is drawn as if the a' in the fourth bar is 
horizontally placed when there would not be a c' below.

This bug hit me while typesetting an organ piece[2] into lilypond.

[2] (here still a Mup version that 
will be replaced when the lily ties are right ;-))

with best regards, Wilbert Berendsen

PS I am really impressed with the advances in LilyPond. Since lily 1.2 or so, 
every two or three years I tried to switch to LilyPond (from Mup) but got 
stuck in the syntax, little annoyances (mainly text-music overlaps) in the 
layout etc. But this time I really am switching over! Somehow the context 
stuff is now quite clear to me and the layout has improved much in the latest 
releases. The layout is imho better than Mup (that is also quite good, very 
fast and well developed and supported!), but the flexibility of LilyPond 
leaves all other contenders at an immense distance... :)

So yet again a big Thank You to all devs for this great program. I'll try to 
learn scheme and to understand the Lily source so I can help out the coming 
years with some bug fixing maybe... I already know some python, C and C++...

PS2: maybe the point and click links should default to off because the PDF's 
are almost 8 to 10 times bigger with point and click on :)

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
        -- Mahatma Gandi

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