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texinfo.tex and translated docs snippets status

From: John Mandereau
Subject: texinfo.tex and translated docs snippets status
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 02:05:56 +0200


I hope I've just managed to compile user manual in PDF in German, French
and Spanish.  It was not trivial: I hit some issues, and I need to have
your opinion before going ahead.  I won't push too quickly to master
anyway, as consequences of these changes must be evaluated first.

First, we have a custom texinfo.tex.  After inspecting a diff with
current Texinfo CVS, there is no more reason -- besides the curly quote
copy'n'paste problem [1] -- to keep it, so either we remove texinfo.tex
from Git either we regularly copy it from Texinfo CVS.

[1] Our current texinfo.tex don't replace quotes with curly quotes.  In
current official texinfo.tex, it's possible to do the same if we add

@end tex

at the beginning of every lilypond.tely.

Another (small) problem is the -I
$(top-build-dir)/Documentation/user/$(outdir) flag for texi2pdf.  It
allows pdfetex to find lily*.{texi,pdf} files, but pdfetex gets a little
confused with existing lilypond.{aux,??} files generated for English
manual.  So it seems safer not to use -I and to symlink lily-* files (I
already implemented it).

The last problem is the ly snippets in translated docs.  Unlike HTML
Texinfo output, Texinfo TeX output requires that every ly snippet be
compiled.  If the translation is outdated, outdated snippets must be
compiled, which is a loss of compilation time.  What about writing a
script which automatically updates ly snippets in translations?  This
script could also allow to keep some snippets intact, allowing
translators to translate text in some ly snippets (this is a request
from all translators), and so there would be some extra time needed to
compile translated docs, bot it's be more useful than compiling outdated

I'll push my changes to lilypond/translation and will upload a
documentation snapshot when I've cleaned my working tree up, so you can
see what's going on.


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