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Re: main doc HTML page changed

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: main doc HTML page changed
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 10:47:15 +0200
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I have noticed over the years, that many people haven't seen the NEWS
link, even when it's been refered to in the mailing list so that they are
explicitly looking for it. So, there's something in the current layout that
has made it too invisible.

Also, using all caps in NEWS and INSTALL seems rather old-fashioned
in terms of graphical layout, right?


Graham Percival wrote:
John Mandereau wrote:
Le mardi 19 juin 2007 à 21:09 -0700, Graham Percival a écrit :
I'm not religiously convinced that the new design is perfect, and for some reason HTML pages tend to attract a lot of opinions, so if you have any suggestions, go ahead. I'm open to changing it.

It looks to me that in previous design, stuff for ordinary users was on
left column, and stuff for developers or advanced users (or less
frequently used stuff) was on right column.  As you have changed this
layout by making 3 vertical groups of 4 entries, and it looks like you
want to move more technical stuff to the bottom, I'd like to move
INSTALL to bottom, leading to the following entries order in right

The general idea is that the most important information is higher up:
- beginners should definitely read the tutorial, glossary (if applicable). INSTALL is definitely important newbie information -- or rather, it _should_ be [1].

If anything, I would suggest moving NEWS. New users don't care about changes since the previous release, because they didn't use that previous release... but OTOH, we _really_ want non-newbie users to read this, so I'm not really comfortable changing it.

[1] Before 2.12, I'll reorganize the INSTALL, give more prominence to the binary install, separate the compiling info, etc.

- the middle block is stuff that normal users should use all the time. "Examples" is an oddity... hmm, what about swapping NEWS and Examples?

- the third block is background reading / stuff that users don't actually need to read. Although it would be nice if people read the Thankyous and dedication, failing to read those pages doesn't actually impact their ability to use lilypond. The same goes for the bibliography and license. I was planning on removing the regression tests from the main doc page, but I decided to keep it purely because it gave us a nice round 3x4 blocks. :)

So what about the following (for the right):







- Graham

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