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Better sequencer for musicians and composers

From: Andrei Stefan
Subject: Better sequencer for musicians and composers
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 22:09:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I am composer and musician, I have used all sequencers on the market and they all have good things and bad ones. There is need for a sequencer easier to use and faster for musicians that will also integrate composition tools (alternative notations like Klavar), along with a better way to display automated parameters of vsti (like in Aodix), and possibility to show the piano roll and tracks vertically (not only horizontal like it is now in all sequencers, although it would make sense to be vertical, like piano). Also there is a better way to integrate it with vst instruments and effects, like in instrument chains, that will appear a little like the Reason rack, but not so complex. And there are many improvements I have in mind, but they will be done in some time.

 It shouldn't be difficult to create this if you have some experience with sequencers and user interface, but at the moment I am occupied with another projects and I think their is opportunity that you can modify your sequencers, according to my indications to create a new one that will make composition much faster and easier. There is also commercial opportunity (for ex Fruity loops raised to >100.000 users, and it can be developed also as open source).

I will create a site to explain in details the user interface and other details about the general  use of the program. If you want to develop this in collaboration with me (I am not interested in money revenue, just to have the program fast and not reinventing the wheel by creating it myself, I want collaborate with a great programmer enthusiastic about it) please answer.

It is better to develop the vsti host and seq for windows now, as most musicians use Windows because it is easier to use, but in the future, maybe also Linux and OSx.

There will be new features, we don't create some Cubase clone, but combine best features from all sequencers to create something better to use and easy for all musicians.

We can communicate on messenger (same as mail for me) and also e-mail, if you check it frequently. Please contact me only if you are enthusiastic about it, and also feel the need of a better sequencer and if you are open to new ideas.

Wainting answer,
Have a nice day,
Andrei Stefan.

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