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Re: texinfo.tex and translated docs snippets status

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: texinfo.tex and translated docs snippets status
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 15:27:07 -0700
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Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
In message <address@hidden>, John Mandereau <address@hidden> writes
[1] Our current texinfo.tex don't replace quotes with curly quotes.  In
current official texinfo.tex, it's possible to do the same if we add

Bit late, I know, but do we WANT to replace quotes with curly quotes? It's quite easy to cut-n-paste from pdf into a lily file, and then lily will choke on the pasted code ... (and some of us don't work on line, and some of this html manuals are the work of the devil ... :-)

Whoops!  Good catch, Anthony.

Yes, we definitely do **not** want to replace quotes. This caused many, many problems and bug reports (both "doc bugs" and also "lilypond bugs") until we finally got rid of them.

- Graham

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