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Re: dumb stacking page breaker

From: Joe Neeman
Subject: Re: dumb stacking page breaker
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 08:23:16 +1000
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On Wednesday 11 July 2007 00:09, Nicolas Sceaux wrote:
> I'd like to write something like that using the new infrastructure.
>  1) compute the line breaks in the most straightforward way, that is
>     without considering page breaks or the number of systems per page.
>     Just lines as regular as possible wrt horizontal spacing and
>     considering the manual line break permissions.

In fact, we still have code to do this (for lilypond-book, I think). You can 
get the systems with the best line-breaking score by calling 
Paper_book::get_paper_systems (or from scheme with ly:paper-book-systems). 

However, this will remove the possibility of stretching the systems because, 
once you get the paper systems, all the Grobs have been laid out. If you want 
to allow stretching, you will need to do some C++ hacking and I would suggest 
starting from Page_breaking::systems () to see how we do it in the current 

Hope that helps,

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