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Proposed chord name font (PDF included)

From: PabloZum
Subject: Proposed chord name font (PDF included)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 13:19:11 -0300

This is a proposed Arial-based font that could be included in future versions of LilyPond.
Actually, it's more a range of possibilities than a new font. Placing chord extensions like b9 and #11 one above the other is not a new idea, and may be easily achieved by LilyPond wizards.
For instance, the chord that appears as a C7 plus a small flat 9th above a small sharp 11th might conceivable be rendered in LilyPond notepad code as c:7[b9/#11]; similarly, a C9 plus a small sharp 11th above a 13th might be rendered as c:9[#11/13]. AND this might be done with virtually ANY font

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