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lilypond SVG output

From: Gary Phillips
Subject: lilypond SVG output
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 19:24:50 +0100
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My interest is to display lilypond SVG output in a web browser with the possibility of making annotations to the SVG via JavaScript.

Stuart Pullinger said he'd patched Lilypond to modify the SVG output.

SVG output from lilypond 2.11.27 currently specifies font-size as a decimal float "font-size:2.19953140378937", this is broken in Firefox. Changing to "font-size:4px" works for me. See this GraphViz bug report for more information I also changed the initial transform to "scale(5, 5)" and made the width and height much larger.

I'd very much like to see Stuart's patches then perhaps I can make my SVG changes permanent instead of manually editing the SVG files. I'm a developer with some experience of C++ and Scheme but not much knowledge of Lilypond internals as yet.



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