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\bar "|:" - wrong position in the first misure

From: Mattia Giovanetti
Subject: \bar "|:" - wrong position in the first misure
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 11:42:36 +0200

first of all I must thank you for your wonderful program, Lilypond it's fantastic and you did a marvellous work, really super. I'm an intalian classical musician, my intrument is the guitar, I study at Conservatorio, actually I'm at the last year. I think that your program got a notation bug. This involve the command \bar "|:" in the first misure, I attach some files at this mail, so you can take a look of and get what I mean. But in a simple word the problem/bug is that: "the repeat double line with dots, must be after the time signature not befoure in the first misure". Please take a look at 120 Arpeggi di Mauro Giuliani, it's a true example.
I hope you will fix that bug as soon as possible!
Thanks to you.

Salute e Prosperità.
Mattia Giovanetti.

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