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Re: For future 2.14 doc discussion -- increasingly realistic musical exa

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: For future 2.14 doc discussion -- increasingly realistic musical examples
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:27:42 -0700
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Valentin Villenave wrote:
2007/8/31, Graham Percival <address@hidden>:
There's a few other places in the manual where they're used.  Yes, they
could of course be used in more places.  I'm sure that both of you know
why they aren't yet.  :)

Let me guess... Everyone tried to help but they couldn't find the @
character on their keyboards? :-)
Yeah. All those European keyboards that have weird accents and stuff -- I couldn't help them, since I have a standard US keyboard. :)

Two short questions:
-What do you think about my idea of systematically adding a @lsrdir
link at the beginning of each chapter in the manual?
Nobody will see it. The only place that'll reach most people is at the bottom of the subsection, under @seealso. And even then, 25% of people who send questions to -user won't notice those links.
-what if a snippet is renamed: does the @lsr links get broken? (which
would make @lsrdir much safer than @lsr references by the way)
Kind-of: the @lsr link will just point to the directory. It looks a bit unprofessional, but at least they're on the right page.

But yes, I'd recommend using @lsrdir most of the time. I'd only use @lsr{} if there's a snippet that's particularly impressive (or simply has a really good name :)

Speaking of the LSR, I wanted to share a personal observation: over
the past few months, the LSR seems to have been growing faster than
ever: about 40 new snippets per month (plus a lot of corrections to
existing snippets). All in all, I can estimate that the LSR is now
more than 250% bigger than it was six months ago! So, it is, more than
ever, a much valuable documentation ressource.
Really?! Wow, I hadn't realized that. Hmm... the compressed tarball is now over 80k; it was under 50k when I started. I'll update git with the latest approved snippets in a few hours.

- Graham

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