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Re: some more patches updating the German translation

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: some more patches updating the German translation
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2007 16:40:21 +0300
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Hi John,
sorry for the problems with my patches!

John Mandereau wrote:
 git-reset is the good command to use, use it with
- the name of lilypond/translation remote branch in your git repository as <head of current git>
- --hard option, to also apply changes to your working tree.

Ok, did the reset, it looks promising!

However, PDF compilation fails on German manual with your patch, see
comments below.  I pushed fixes to lilypond/translation.

 #. @node in ../../../Documentation/user/instrument-notation.itely
 #. @subsection in ../../../Documentation/user/instrument-notation.itely
@@ -1600,7 +1587,6 @@ msgstr "Überblick über Textbeschriftungsbefehle"
 #. @node in ../../../Documentation/user/advanced-notation.itely
 #. @subsection in ../../../Documentation/user/advanced-notation.itely
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Overview of text markup list commands"
 msgstr "Überblick über Textbeschriftungsbefehle"

Pay attention to these slightly different titles!  The identical
translation you provide for different titles makes pdfetex complain.
I fixed the second title as "Überblick über
Textbeschriftungslistenbefehle", please provide a patch if it's not
correct (it's certainly not, as I've not written in German for
ages :-p).
It's quote good, but I changed it a bit to meet more the meaning that I understand.
But I see the nodes for the chapters not yet translated as being not yet polished, so
they might well change.
Iin any case, your German is much better than my French (=0). ;-)
Thank you very much for fixing the mistakes I did. I am just compiling the documentation
to see if verything goes well. Then I will send you the last patches which cover the last
changes in lilypond/translation.
There were other various @commands typos and oddities, fixed in
7c9ff05e82902b3357f8a2ac0354d8971539a15a and
718cc970304f6b9a3bb990259a048c06e56f4e48 (lilypond/translation).  Your
recent 2 patches and all fixes are also on master.
Thanks for your patience!


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