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Re: Updates and corrections patches

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Updates and corrections patches
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 21:49:29 +0200

Le lundi 03 septembre 2007 à 01:16 +0200, Francisco Vila a écrit :
> El Sun, 02 de Sep de 2007, a las 03:01:10PM +0200, John Mandereau dijo:
> > The general problem is that docs in English frequently change, so
> > translations are always a little outdated.  Freezing English docs a few
> > days before an important release would allow translators to be in sync
> > for the release; OTOH blocking docs improvements or fixes is absurd, so
> > I prefer to rely on frequent releases, translators reactiveness and
> > clean patches ;-) that can be quickly applied to master.
> At least some time before a _stable_ release, I think there should
> happen some type of string freezing. Otherwise we'll have wrong (even
> broken) docs for too long time.

Only sectioning changes can seriously break translated docs, so a good
compromise would be to freeze only sectioning changes and major
reworking in release candidates (or ensure first that all translators
are ready to update quickly); IMO, it's not reasonable to freeze other
changes such as fixes, typos and small improvements, which won't break
or make translations worse.  Graham always asks or send a notice before
doing major restructurations, so I think there won't be much problems
with this.

Graham, do you agree with the docs sectioning freezing plan above?

> As for the line number syncing between files and their translations, I
> realize this is not soo important, BUT it is still a very
> eye-straining task to keep track of updates when (for instance) the
> original simply moved a block from a place to another.
> How do you do this?

Colored diffs help me a lot.  I like git to output everything with
colors, so I have the following lines in ~/.gitconfig:
        diff = always
        pager = true
        branch = always
        status = always

Of course, you may want to see colored output, but not for all these
commands, so only the lines you want.  Note that if you want to avoid to
pass the --no-color flag to git-diff when you want to make a patch, use
        diff = auto

Do "git config --help" or "man git-config" for details.


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