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Spacing Bug?

From: J L
Subject: Spacing Bug?
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 15:40:22 +1200

In the attached screenshot, there appears to be a bug in the spacing code. As the vocal parts in this system don't have any lyrics yet (or any notes), lilypond has squashed the two vocal staves together.

The only spacing changes I've made in my file(s) are:
\paper {
    systemSeparatorMarkup = \slashSeparator
    raggedbottom = ##t
    raggedlastbottom = ##t
    %between-system-space = 35 \mm
    left-margin = 18 \mm
    line-width = 18 \cm
    bottom-margin = 1.6 \cm

I'm using LilyPond 2.11.30 on WinXP.

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