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Re: [PATCHES]: Converting header and lyrics with musicxml2ly

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: [PATCHES]: Converting header and lyrics with musicxml2ly
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 19:26:47 +0200

2007/9/6, Reinhold Kainhofer <address@hidden>
> > Yes; I suggest adding them to input/regression/musicxml/ . There has
> > to be a proper GNUmakefile in that directory too, but if you can't
> > manage that someone else can add one.
> For each file, I have the original (Finale|Rosegarden|Noteedit|JScore) file as
> well as a reference PDF or PS output from that application to compare the
> lilypond output with the "desired" output (provided the application really
> exports all aspects to MusicXML. Unfortunately, not even Finale 2007 does
> that:-( )
> Shall I add these original and reference files, too, or just the .xml file?

Let's do just the .xml flies. We have plenty of infrastructure for
comparing output of different lilypond versions automatically, so
let's use that. Once we get the conversion correct in one version, we
will be able to detect when something breaks.

Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden -

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