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Re: Tags in LSR

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Tags in LSR
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 12:55:28 +0200

2007/9/7, Graham Percival <address@hidden>:

> > The whole point is: snippets have to accept as many tags as we want.
> > We should be able to use existing tags (maybe in a menu just like the
> > Directories menu we already have) as well as creating new tags when
> > needed.
> >
> Do you want user-created tags?  I thought your job would be easier if
> there was a set number of tags that only you could modify.

Yes, I get your point (and Sebastiano's as well). But this would mean
that we create *every*
possible useful tags on our own, or wait for users to request new
tags. OTOH, if users could create tags, we probably would have some
typos to carrect, some tags to merge, but maybe it would be more

> We already have this in our offline docs; are you sure it's worth adding
> this to the front page of LSR?  People could simply search for tags.

Yes, you're definitely right. By the way, what would become the LSR
collated-files page?

> Please note the word "offline" in the double-quoted sentence.  (perhaps
> it would be more understandable if I called it "la ligne du off" ?   --
> private joke :)

Ooops; yes you're right, I did not notice. (the French would be
"hors-ligne", btw)
The most useful offline documentation right now is Bert's LilyPondHelp
for jEdit; if we could get anything as useful without being
application-dependant, it would certainly be great.

> > Oh, I should mention that there's been some bugs with the search
> > function (the wrong images, the wrong snippets tend to appear).
> >
> I'm sure that you could produce a more detailed bug report for
> Sebastiano.

Yes, that was a somehow random bug a few weeks ago, but today every
time I tried to reproduce it, it worked fine; so I guess the problem
has been fixed -- you can forget my last sentence :)


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