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Re: GDP: structure of index

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: GDP: structure of index
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 11:06:56 -0700
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Juergen Reuter wrote:
Furthermore, I would like to see entries like

  \displayLilyMusic: Displaying LilyPond notation
  \displayLilyMusic: Displaying music expressions

rather being structured as follows:

      Displaying LilyPond notation
      Displaying music expressions

I'm not certain if texinfo 4.8 can do that.  Werner, do you know?

If not, we could always make a feature request to the texinfo developers; it might be possible for them to add it before 4.9.

Given the large size of the documentation, a single person probably can not care for documentation-wide consistency of these (important!) nitpicks. Maybe a general good idea is to collect a couple of "do" and "don't" examples as guideline for documentation writers?

Oh, totally. README.txt is intended as that, and the main focus of GDP is to fix all these consistency issues. That's why I have 70 hours budgeted for text-entry stuff (ie checking the .tely files) and only 40 for complicated stuff (like this rearrangement discussion)

- Graham

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