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Re: regression tests

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: regression tests
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 21:42:18 +0200
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Kieren MacMillan wrote:

Hi Rune,

I don't understand what you mean - we already list the default values today: Clef

Okay then... without looking anywhere except that page, tell me the default setting(s) for Clef #'space-alist.

Copy and paste from that page gives

\override Clef #'space-alist = #'((ambitus extra-space . 2.0) (staff-bar extra-space . 0.7) (key-cancellation minimum-space . 3.5) (key-signature minimum-space . 3.5) (time-signature minimum-space . 4.2) (first-note minimum-fixed-space . 5.0) (next-note extra-space . 0.5) (right-edge extra-space . 0.5))

What's the problem? In this specific case, there is no easier
representation of that default setting that you can use.

Perhaps, what you have in mind is the very nice trick you showed in
which shows how to add a setting to this list. However, this has
nothing to do with how the default value is displayed. Rather, it's
you who very cleverly "misused" how nested properties are
represented internally in LilyPond.


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