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Re: Logo for Lilypond

From: Jonas Nyström
Subject: Re: Logo for Lilypond
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 23:45:06 +0200


The logo, the graphical identity and the program name are all *very* important factors when it comes to establishing a software in the minds and lives of the users...

I'm totally convinced that I would have discovered the beauty of Lilypond years ago if

1. The program name was something that I would associate with professional music/notation
2. The site was professional and modern, (reflecting the artistic level and intensions of the program and its developers)
3. There was a graphically appealing logo, again with associations to professional music/notation

For years, I've seen links to Lilypond examples, always thinking this was some kind of non-professional semi-toy thing...

To me, the nice little happy note does *not* give an association to the professional level that Lilypond represents! (Maybe ideal for a program for children!) This also connects to the discussion of heightening the professional level of the documentation - I would really hate to see the nice happy little note on the first documentation page...

Two examples of projects with nice graphical concepts (in my opinion!): <- take a look at the correspondance between site and documentation!

Well, that's my opinion... Hope I don't offend someone!
It's really cute, the nice little happy note! :-)

Best regards!


2007/9/13, Juergen Reuter < address@hidden>:
> OK. This is a first draft. (but we can just use the character, as Rune
> suggested)

Very nice!  It's IMO the best choice for a lily logo that I have seen so


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