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Re: Logo for Lilypond

From: Jonas Nyström
Subject: Re: Logo for Lilypond
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 23:44:30 +0200


- -) PDF quality should really look PDF-quality (i.e . proper antialiasing of the
slur and beam. Currently you can see the pixels)

Now we're talking..! 

- -) in edicational use, maybe add parts of a baloon help, a larger note head,
colors and the pitch names as note heads?

Absolutely correct!

I would put such an image directly on the start page (which could
use a redesign to look more "professional").


Also very nice, but I suggest _not_ to chose the Jubilate snippet as
"traditional notation", since it may actually scare new users (e.g.
observe that the "Ju" in the alto voice is vertically aligned with the
soprano "bi", although the "Ju" occurs one quarter note earlier than the
"bi", which may be considered even as a bug, just like the bar lines
that are missing from this snippet...).

I get the point! 

The "Screech and boink" snippet (see Sect. 1.5 in the manual) may be
another interesting snippet.

Yes, that's nice.

I just got the visual idea and grabbed some examples.
The four cells represent four different quality aspects of Lilypond.
(The illustrations definitely could be changed or sharpened to express these more clearly:)

- Quick and easy, with high quality result...
- Superior quality in traditional notation...
- Advanced possibilities for contemporary and special notation...
- Flexibility and "tweakability" for educational use...

Maybe there should be another one or two cells, "aspects", to be highlighted...

Regards / Jonas

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