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GDP: info docs, music glossary links

From: Graham Percival
Subject: GDP: info docs, music glossary links
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 14:22:53 -0700
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Anybody still use the docs in info format?

If yes, do you want to see links to the music glossary? To see what I'm talking about, look in the Tutorial, 2.1.2 Simple notation.

The easiest way to enter notes is by using `\relative' mode.  In this
mode, the *note ()interval::music-glossary between the previous note
and the current note is assumed to be within a *note
()fourth::music-glossary.  We begin by entering the most elementary
piece of music, a *note ()scale::music-glossary.

The main references to other doc sections will be rewritten to come at the end of sentences (ie the proper texinfo "to blah blah, see @ref{}" format), but we can't rewrite all the links to glossary items in the same manner.

Would you prefer
1)  to keep the current ugly links?

2) to suggest a new macro for @rglos{} that produces nicer links (if possible

3)  don't bother with links; just have
@macro rgloss{TEXT}
@end macro

(if you're using info, you probably know exactly what that macro does)

- Graham

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