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Re: GDP: info docs, music glossary links

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: GDP: info docs, music glossary links
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 11:49:49 +0200 (CEST)

> Anybody still use the docs in info format?

I do, from time to time.

> If yes, do you want to see links to the music glossary?  To see what
> I'm talking about, look in the Tutorial, 2.1.2 Simple notation.
> *****
> The easiest way to enter notes is by using `\relative' mode.  In
> this mode, the *note ()interval::music-glossary

Uuh, those links doesn't work at all with standalone info 4.8 :-(

> Would you prefer
> 1)  to keep the current ugly links?

Of course not because they don't work.

> 2) to suggest a new macro for @rglos{} that produces nicer links (if
> possible


> 3)  don't bother with links; just have
> @ifinfo
> @macro rgloss{TEXT}
> \TEXT\
> @end macro
> @endinfo

Hmm.  I personally don't need links to the glossary, but other users
might have a different opinion.


PS: Even if standalone info is not the first choice, it sometimes
    shows up formatting deficiencies because of the strict layout it
    enforces to the original document.  For this reason I would like
    to have ongoing support for the plain info format -- and from time
    to time I even apply corrections to get better output.

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