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Re: GDP: welcome, helpers!

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: GDP: welcome, helpers!
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 14:10:15 +0200
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Quoting Trevor Bača <address@hidden>:
One concern: is Ravel mutopia-worthy?  How long has he been dead?  I
hate to ask, but... :(

Ravel died in 1937 but the Sonatine was finished earlier, in 1905
( Isn't copyright
something like 75 years max? If so the Sonatine should be public by
now, though it's possible that any of his various publishers along the
way may have taken out renewals or something.

Please read the information at Mutopia, that was referred in an earlier
email, before spreading rumors like this. The 75 years are after the
death of the composer (or arranger or whoever holds the copyright).

Please somebody correct me, but my understanding of fair use is that a
snippet of absolutely anything, regardless of medium -- score,
soundfile, text, film, whatever -- is perfectly acceptable to use, so
long as you're not trying to make any money with it (which we're in
the bizarrely unique position of). So I would assume that a "snippet"
of any score -- even a bit of Grisey published only a couple of years
back -- should be completely acceptable; I seem to remember the upward
limit being something like no more than 10% of a work quoted, even if
in separate fragments.

I'm certainly not a lawyer, but I've learned that you should be
extremely careful with copyrighted material and would therefore
recommend to replace the snippet with something were we are certain
about the copyright status (which really is a pity, since it's a nice

>> 2. Is there a way to set slur attachment points to *end-of-stem*
>> rather than notehead? The two-note chordal slurs would look better
>> that way. If it's intensely manual I don't wanna mess with it; but if
>> there's a smart way to make that specification, then cool.

IIRC this feature was removed in 1.6 or so (because it wasn't a smart
way :)  and was never re-implemented (in a smart way).

Hm, I thought I remembered as much, but couldn't be sure. OK, it's not
a requirement.

What *is* a requirement is getting rid of that hideous line-breaking
with the slurs at the beginning of line two.

Perhaps someone else on the list can help clean up the example and
answer some of my earlier questions about the Ravel fragment ... or
perhaps not since my posts to both user and devel were rejected do
violating our 64k message size limit ... which still, years on, makes
absolutely no sense to me.

Have you tried using phrasing slurs instead of ordinary slurs?
I seem to recall that they sometimes behave differently at line


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