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Re: GDP: welcome, helpers!

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: GDP: welcome, helpers!
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 08:15:17 -0500

On 9/25/07, Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden> wrote:
> Quoting Trevor Bača <address@hidden>:
> >> One concern: is Ravel mutopia-worthy?  How long has he been dead?  I
> >> hate to ask, but... :(
> >
> > Ravel died in 1937 but the Sonatine was finished earlier, in 1905
> > ( Isn't copyright
> > something like 75 years max? If so the Sonatine should be public by
> > now, though it's possible that any of his various publishers along the
> > way may have taken out renewals or something.
> Please read the information at Mutopia, that was referred in an earlier
> email, before spreading rumors like this. The 75 years are after the
> death of the composer (or arranger or whoever holds the copyright).

Mats (and Graham),

Please understand that there is a difference between piracy and
citation. No one is proposing the addition of a playable or readable
copy of anything to Mutopia or any other resource.

Turns out ...

... that fair use is American law. Perhaps that explains the confusion
on the list.


Trevor Bača

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