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Re: GDP: perl programmer needed for creating HTML docs

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: GDP: perl programmer needed for creating HTML docs
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 14:02:00 -0700
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
Graham Percival writes:

We currently use `makeinfo --html' to build the online documentation.
Makeinfo is the normal way to create texinfo docs, but it lacks many
useful features.  Most importantly, it can't create HTML pages split
into subsections; it only creates split output based on nodes.

What features do we really need there?  I have worked on makeinfo
before, so I could have a look.
> If you need to split at subsections, can't you add a @node there?

I discussed this briefly with Karl Berry and we decided that texi2html was probably better, but if you want to hack makeinfo, here's the issues: - we want to split by @subsection, _not_ by @node. GDP now uses @unnumberedsubsubsec for the main doc portions. makeinfo can only split by @node. We can't get rid of @node for the @unnumberedsubsubsec without losing basically all our HTML links.

- there's some desire to display the TOC in a frame (or "not-really-a-frame-but-some-special-CSS-thing-that-acts-like-a-frame") to the left of the HTML docs. As long as this can be turned off by the user (which I've been told it is), I'm all for this.

- there might be some other special HTML/CSS tweaks that our younger "web 2.0" crowd want to do. If they can come up with something, without the rest of us having to spend time working on it, then I'll certainly consider adding it. But it seems to me like texi2html is the place to add any extra bells and whistles.

I have received one offer of help from a user, and Patrice Dumas (the texi2html guy) is also willing to investigate, so I think this is under control for the moment.

- Graham

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