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GDP: Pitches rewrite draft

From: Graham Percival
Subject: GDP: Pitches rewrite draft
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 16:03:05 -0700
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Ok, let's start the other half of real GDP work (two halves:
formatting and rewriting) by examining Pitches.  As always, please
examine the latest docs here:

- inspirational headword will be reinstated on 1 Jan 2008.
- tables in "Note names in other lanuages" are messed up.  That's a
  formatting change that will be completed soon.
- HTML split.  This is a technical problem that I'm looking for help,
  but that discusion takes place elsewhere.
- need links to LSR; that's on the list for Formatters.

- move Cautionary accidentals into Accidentals.
- move Micro tones into Accidentals.
- do "note names in other lanuages" need anything more than cleaning up
  the tables?  I never use non-Dutch stuff (even though I'm Canadian),
  so I'm not the best judge of this.
- need a @refbugs above the final paragraph of Relative octaves.
- Relative octaves: should we omit the discussion about the default
  value of c' ?  (ie \relative {} )   I believe that this construct is
disliked by some developers and might disappear in the future, so should
we start preparing newbies by never mentioning it?  Or should we simply
list this in the @refbugs section?
(+1 leave them in)
- I'm not too happy with Octave check, but I can't think of any specific
  change right now.  Simply add to the list of "rewrite whole
- ditto for Transpose: rewrite whole subsection.
- Key signature: should we move the warning ("accidentals and key
  signatures often confuse new users..." to the top of the page?  Or
omit it entirely, since users are supposed to have read the Learning
Manual?   for that matter, should the warnings in the Tutorial be
beefed up?
- Instrument transposition: might need more explanation about \transpose
  vs. \transposition.

- anything else not in this list.  :)

Pitches is one of the most straightforward sections, so there's
relatively little in this list.  That said, if you don't like anything
in the new Pitches section, please speak up now or forever hold your

- Graham

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