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Re: Request for comments: prettify snippets page

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Request for comments: prettify snippets page
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 14:52:58 +0100

2007/12/30, Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden>:

> Actually,  putting all the files in one dir is the easy part. What you
> should do first is to extend/change the pipeline to do process tags in
> a single dir, and apply that to input/lsr/some-dir ; once it works and
> is fully tested, you can add tags annotations based on directory
> names, and then move all of the files to a single dir.

I might have completely misunderstood the discussion here. Feel free
to tell me if I'm just off-topic.

What about my initial suggestion to Sebastiano:
-putting all the snippets in one single dir
-create directories for each tag
-just add relevant symlinks in these directories to tagged snippets?

...John, one more thing: what about URL rewriting? you don't
necessarily have to change the directories nor the filenames to get
"nice" URLs with full names in it. However, this doesn't apply to


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