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Re: Leaving: replacements

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: Leaving: replacements
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 00:49:00 -0700
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Graham Percival wrote:
On Tue, 01 Jan 2008 12:48:35 -0700
Paul Scott <address@hidden> wrote:

Graham Percival wrote:
An previously announced, am I gradually leaving LilyPond.  This
leaves a large number of tasks unfilled.ate lilypond knowledge)
I would consider the job of Documentation Editor. Does it require building on multiple platforms? I have a GNU/Linux x86 box capable
of doing the builds and a Mac G3 and possible access to an XP box.

No, you don't need to build on multiple platforms... although as
Han-Wen mentioned, there are vacant jobs that require such a

To clarify one possible misunderstanding, the Documentation Editor
is a editor-in-chief position, overseeing all the documentation
work.  There are some people editing the documentation as part of
GDP, but that's different from this position.  The DE needs to be
able to handle git, patches, diffs, building the docs, and fixing
broken doc-builds.

For the moment, I suggest getting involved in GDP.
If you want to jump into the technical side of things, see
"advanced-tech.txt" (or perhaps you have already done this).  To
get an introduction to the non-technical side of the job, I
recommend editing one of the unclaimed sections of NR1.  (see
"current.txt")  "Text" has not been touched yet, while "Pitches"
is almost perfect.  Are you familiar with texinfo?
My main career was as a programmer. Given that I am concerned about the time it would take to learn how someone else's code works well enough to be able to help there.

The documentation editor looked like the most logical for me because I have always considered myself a better editor that a writer.

In light of your last email I would be willing to try to work on writing/revising a section of the doc's that needs work if it's something I have enough knowledge of.

I am certainly capable of learning to use any of the software mentioned above (texinfo, etc.) that I have not used. I have probably used similar software.


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